About Us

Embrace South Africa Tours was founded by Deon Kitching in 2001. We offer tourists, professionals, academics and students from all parts of the world, opportunities to engage on a personal level with diverse groups of South Africans to obtain a behind the scenes understanding of the South African community. These engagements are combined with visits to significant historical sites and experiences of the exquisite nature and wildlife that South Africa offers.

Our Mission

We facilitate experiences that will enrich the lives, and broaden the perspectives of tourists, professionals, academics and students from abroad, as they eagerly embrace these experiences with their eyes and minds and integrate it into their future endeavors.

Personal and Hands-on

As a small business we have a hands-on approach and our personal touch makes us unique in the industry. We collaborate with carefully selected and trusted network partners to ensure that our guests are well-cared for throughout their stay.

We make sure that we answer all your questions, listen to your special needs and try to be there for your while you are part of our South African family. Your well-being is our no 1 priority!

The purpose of the company until today is to give tourists to South Africa a real behind the scenes experience. We focus on the South African people, the country’s world-renowned scenery and the trial and tribulations of their political history.

Our Larger Networking Group

Deon Kitching
CEO and Founder SA
Deon is responsible for the management, marketing, and visioning. He lives in Paarl, Western Cape. (Full-time staff)
Anwill Valentine
Manager Public Relations and Logistics SA
Anwill is responsible for the operational part of our tours and he takes care of our tour group members. He lives in Wellington, Western Cape. (Full-time staff)
Lauren Muratore
Network Collaborator USA
Lauren loves South Africa and brought several groups of mostly young adults on trips. She is also one of our contact persons in the US. She lives in Baltimore, Maryland.
Monwabisi Maqogi
Network Collaborator SA
Monwabisi (left on the picture) lives in Khayelitsha near Cape Town, and serves as tour guide and point person in this area.
Queen Malafane
Network Collaborator SA
Queen is a highly respected tour guide in Soweto, just south of Johannesburg. She is the point person for our visits to Soweto.
Sammie Braxton
Network Collaborator USA
Sammie is one of the pioneers of Embrace South Africa Tours. She brings groups on a regular basis to South Africa. She is one of our USA contact persons. Sammie lives in High Point NC.
Mary Burton
Network Collaborator SA
Mary was the president of the Black Sash Movement and a commissioner of the Truth- and Reconciliation Commission. She focuses on women and justice. She lives in Cape Town.
Michelle Boonzaaier
Network Collaborator SA
Michelle (left on the picture) plays an important role to help our group members to understand the complexity of the South African history and society. She lives in Durbanville.
Spiwo Xapile
Network Collaborator SA
Spiwo is a good friend of Embrace South Africa Tours. He is a dynamic community leader, researcher and pastor of a congregation in Gugulethu. He is one of the pioneers in the field of HIV/AIDS treatment.
Kevin Dean
Network Collaborator USA
Kevin is one of the first tour leaders who brought a university group from the USA to South Africa. He works hard to expose his students to all the aspects of South Africa. He is from West Chester University in PA

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