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What is Honors about?

At several American universities, the Honors Program education ignites passion for lifelong learning and encourages student creativity, collaboration, and leadership in the classroom and beyond.

It is characterized by in-class and extracurricular activities that are measurably broader, deeper, or more complex than comparable learning experiences typically found at institutions of higher education.

Honors curriculum serves as a laboratory for inventive and experiential education that can be implemented in the traditional classroom. Honors experiences include a distinctive learner-directed environment and philosophy, provide opportunities that are appropriately tailored to fit the institution's culture and mission, and frequently occur within a close community of students and faculty.

What do we offer?

We have tailor-made our tours so that they connect with the aims of the Honors program. We focus on the following:

  • engage with the authentic culture of the different people groups in South Africa,
  • constantly reflect on the role of social innovation and transformational leadership
  • get a hands-on experience of community-based service projects and daily life in these communities,
  • engage in personal conversations with different people – from leaders in their field to ordinary citizens; either just meet and greet or listen to different opinions,
  • enhance your own critical thinking skills,
  • explore the beauty and diversity of the breath-taking scenery and wildlife, landscapes, mountains and beaches
  • get involved in a renovating project or community program if that is the goal of your trip
  • apply skills learned inside the classroom in a different environment (for high school and college students).

Embrace South Africa Tours wants to INSPIRE you to become a life-long learner and traveler


Partner with Embrace SA Tours

“This trip has been a beautiful mix between emotional and educational experiences with a good variety of fun and touristy activities. You get the best of two worlds with this trip" – Bryce Yanni

Sometimes you need an overseas context to cross the line that divides the classroom from the outside world. This is when study abroad is at its best—comfort-zone-pushing, exciting, and transformative.

Embrace South Africa Tours offers short-term study abroad programs customized for partners from overseas. We create amazing opportunities for college & university students to visit South Africa on a 12-14 day cultural immersion program.

We work every day with university faculty and study abroad offices to create each program – at any time throughout the year, and in any locale in South Africa. Since we are in the business for more than 16 years we are convinced that short-term programs offer great educational value. But they also require tremendous time and energy to organize.

We are able and more than willing to assist you. With our extensive networking partners in SA and longstanding experience delivering programs, you can make sure you and your students have an exceptional study abroad experience.

We will assist you without stretching your energy, time and overburdened workload any further. You deliver your vision, we make sure it transforms into reality!


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