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In 2001 Embrace South Africa Tours opened our doors to cultural and educational travel from the USA. Today we have customers from different parts of the world. We continue to offer innovative programs to new and favorite destinations in South Africa to help travelers delve beyond the surface of these treasured places to explore the hidden riches unique to each.

We focus on the following outcomes:

  • learn about the culture,
  • engage in personal conversation with the people,
  • enhance critical thinking skills,
  • learn to listen to input from different perspectives and
  • apply skills learned inside the classroom in a different environment.

At Embrace South Africa Tours we are passionate about education. For the benefit of our own people and for students from abroad visiting our country. If you connect people in a meaningful way, they will create hope, understanding and vision for their different worlds.

Faculty-led Tours for College & University Students

Embrace South Africa Tours offers short-term study abroad programs customized for partners from overseas. We create amazing opportunities for college & university students to visit South Africa on a 12-14 day cultural immersion program.

Click here to see a sample of the itinerary for the West Chester University.

Sometimes you need an overseas context to cross the line that divides the classroom from the outside world. This is when study abroad is at its best—comfort-zone-pushing, exciting, and transformative.

We work every day with university faculty and study abroad offices to create each program – at any time throughout the year, and in any locale in South Africa. Since we are in the business for more than 16 years we are convinced that short-term programs offer great educational value. But they also require tremendous time and energy to organize.

We are able and more than willing to assist you. With our extensive networking partners in SA and longstanding experience delivering programs, you can make sure you and your students have an exceptional study abroad experience.

We will assist you without stretching your energy, time and overburdened workload any further. You deliver your vision, we make sure it transforms into reality!

Educators Tours

For teachers and related professions

We offer Educators Connection Tours for educators and education-related professionals,who are passionate about learning, leadership, international contacts and the education profession in general.

Ministry-Related Tours

For pastors and related professions

The Ministry Connection Tours are for theological students, ministry staff, pastors and faculty members who feel a strong calling to supply leadership and vision to faith communities who live within the intersections of daily community life issues.

Public Health Tours

For medical and health professionals

Embrace our Society Tours are for public health practitioners who are on the forefront of dealing with issues which destabilize communities and cause suffering for ordinary citizens.

Custom Made Tours

For the past 16 years we consult with different institutions, universities and churches to develop a special cultural immersion program for their individual needs.

It is with dedication and passion that we carefully design our tours to accommodate the

  • needs
  • dates
  • expectations
  • budget
  • outcomes
  • and time frame of our customers.

We work with a minimum of 12 people in a group. Embrace South Africa tours do all the land arrangements according to your needs and appointments. We are happy to do that for you, too!

Please contact us via our website so that we can start this exciting journey together.

Video - South Africa Trip

Watch this exciting video of the West Chester University’s EIGHTH visit to South Africa with Embrace South Africa Tours

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