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City Spotlight: Cape Town

By: Pat Henderson

THERE ARE THREE THINGS you should know about Cape Town. First, it is a stunningly beautiful place. Second, a mountain runs smack dab through it. And third, if you really want to experience its rich culture, contact Deon Kitching.

While I’d been to Morocco for five hours a few years back, this was my first real visit to Africa, and Cape Town was a great place to start. The city itself is very cosmopolitan, but not overwhelming, and based on the country’s British lineage, there was no language barrier…

Making Cultural Connections in Cape Town

By: Pat Henderson

As a travel writer, I’m always using phrases like “cultural immersion,” “authentic experiences” and “engaging with locals” in my articles.

While those buzzwords can lose their luster after a few (hundred) writings, they remain relevant because they describe what today’s travelers—from millennials to eighty-somethings—crave as they roam the globe.

Embrace South Africa Tours, offers a range of packages that keep the focus on connecting travelers with the country’s people and rich culture…

South Africa: An Authentic Experience

By Pat Henderson

“Many people call South Africa a world in one country. We have such a diversity of scenery, cultures, history and foods, which give people from overseas a wide selection to choose from,” says Deon Kitching of Embrace South Africa Tours.

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