Welcome to South Africa

We offer the highest quality of activities, guides, dining, and cultural exposure. Each tour is unique, fun, educational, and life-changing. Read More

Authentic and Unique Experiences

We offer personal opportunities to obtain a behind the scenes understanding of the South Africa society and people. Read More

Culture Immersion

Experience the rich culture, diversity and history of South Africa through visits to significant people and places. Read More

Explore the Beauty

Explore the beauty and the diversity of the breath-taking scenery, landscapes, mountains and beaches. Read More

Wildlife and Ecology

Feel the excitement when you go on a safari to find the Big 5 in the bush! Learn how we care for our ecology and exercise sustainable development. Read More

Educational Tourism

We want to inspire all our guests to become life-long learners and travelers. We specialize in tours for all ages; especially College and University students. Read More

Embrace South Africa Tours is a well-established South African Tour operator with more than 20 years of experience in the business. As a small business we have a hands-on approach and our personal touch makes us unique in the industry. We collaborate with carefully selected and trusted network partners to ensure that our guests are well-cared for throughout their stay.

We offer tourists, professionals, students and academics from all parts of the world, opportunities to engage on a personal level with diverse groups of South Africans to obtain a behind the scenes understanding of the South African community. These engagements are combined with visits to significant historical sites and experiences of the exquisite nature and wildlife that South Africa offers.

Educational Tours

Embrace South Africa Tours offers short-term study abroad programs customized for partners from all over the world. Sometimes you need an overseas context to cross the line that divides the classroom from the outside world. This is when study abroad is at its best—comfort-zone-pushing, exciting, and transformative.

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Package Tours

We offer innovative tour packages to new and favorite destinations in South Africa to help travelers delve beyond the surface of these treasured places to explore the hidden riches unique to each destination.

Learning vacations are focused primarily on adding to your knowledge of a particular subject – anything from the rich and diverse heritage and nature of Cape Town and South Africa, the multi-cultural nature of our nation, to the best food and wine we can offer and the stories of our people.

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Day Tours

We offer four different day tours for tourists who have a limited time in Cape Town and want to explore the best-of-the Cape-sites.

Faith-Based Tours

It is with dedication and passion that we carefully design our Faith-Based Tours to accommodate the needs, dates, expectations, budget, outcomes, and time frame of our customers.


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