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Embrace South Africa Tours (ESAT) is a well-established South African tour operating company with more than 16 years of experience in the business. We specialize in Educational Tours, special focus Package Tours and Embrace the Cape Tours.

It is with dedication and passion that we carefully design our tours to to give you maximum opportunity to embrace South Africa. We are serious about your needs, expectations, budget, outcomes and time frame that you have available. Our company’s driving force comes from the wordembrace” (verb) in our name: to take or receive gladly or eagerly; to take in with the eye or the mind; to include or contain.

We believe that South Africa has a story of hope to tell the world and we want to echo this message to all our groups. We invite you to embrace our people, our country, and our future on one of our tours. We promise to offer you the best travel experience of a lifetime. On your journey you will have the opportunity to live mindfully and embrace every moment.

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We believe that learning comes in many shapes and sizes. When you visit South Africa on an Educational Tour with ESAT, it’s hard to tell where the classroom learning ends and the out-of-classroom discovery begins. 

At Embrace South Africa Tours we are passionate about your educational experience while you are in our country.

We spesialize in exciting tour packages on the “Mzansi Route" (The Southern Route). Explore Cape Town, travel through the famous Route 62, go on safaris in the Addo Elephant Park and experience the beautiful Garden Route.

Our packaged tours give visitors the opportunity to experience the best South Africa has to offer in one package.

Embrace The Cape Tours offer exciting and affordable all-inclusive 5-day long weekends in Cape Town and the Winelands area. Experience the uniqueness of the Cape, while attending fun-filled festivals on offer.

Savor the Cape’s diverse history, culture and natural beauty. We offer the best experiences of Cape Town on our 5-days tours


This is a very exciting tour for people 60+ years of age. We call it the Mzansi Route, meaning the “Southern Route". It was designed with a slower pace, more flexibility and comfort in mind. Embrace Cape Town, explore the famous Route 62, the iconic Garden Route and the Addo Elephant Park. This is a trip of a lifetime. Enjoy gourmet delights, wildlife sightings, historic landmarks and more.

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